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TENS Therapy for Shoulder Pain Relief

TENS units are used for almost any shoulder pain injury. They're often used for chronic or acute pain, bursitis, frozen shoulder, a tendon tear, rotator cuff injuries, or soreness. Because of the ability to place TENS pads virtually anywhere, you're able to target the source of the shoulder pain for treatment.

With most shoulder injuries, the range of motion is compromised. TENS therapy can help regain that motion by allowing you to rotate your shoulder without feeling pain.

Placement is Everything

To effectively get shoulder pain relief when using a TENS unit, it's essential to place your pads directly on the source of pain.

For rotator cuff, bursitis, or frozen shoulder injuries: Place one TENS pad on the front of the shoulder and one in the back. Your shoulder joints will be stimulated, helping alleviate the pain.

For shoulder muscle injuries: Place one TENS pad directly over the muscle and another on each side of the muscle. The TENS Unit will send electric shocks to both your shoulder muscle and tendons, providing pain relief.

For rotator cuff injuries: Place one TENS pad directly on the front of your shoulder and three others on the top, bottom, and sides of your shoulder.

Adjust Your TENS Unit for Specialized Shoulder Pain Treatment

One of the benefits of using a TENS unit for any pain treatment is the ability to adjust the intensity of the shocks that the unit sends. If you experience minor pain, keep your settings low. If you're experiencing a more invasive and chronic pain, slowly increase your settings. Everyone's level is different. Tens therapy provides the specialized treatment that's needed.



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