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Carex E-Z Bath & Shower Seat with Handles
Ruth (Arlington Heights, US)

and terrible return policy...description didnt include inches of seat size. Need to return when I recd and read the outside of the box. now I have to pay for shipping...half the cost of the product. buyer beware! disappointed. called cust service - big deal waived the 25% restocking fee and told refund ONLY after they receive product and its viewed in its box to be resellabe. the box was rec damaged! GRRRR

Tens 7000

It works just fine.

Love the 7000

I used to have the 6000 so I decided to purchase the 7000. It's so much better. It now has a timer and more Modes. It's just perfect!!

It would be more useful if the phone can charge with the light off.

Fast delivery.

Item as described. In good condition and working order. Delivery was fast.

STRENGTHTAPE® Kinesiology Tape, 5m Precut Roll
STRENGTHTAPE® Kinesiology Tape

Doesn't stick as well as the KT tape

Small , portable and powerful !!

The Tens 7000 was highly recommended by my chiropractor so I bought one . I been using it for 2 days and love it !!! It has relieved the pain in both legs, hip and lower back . It's small, portable and very powerful !

My best pain buddy

Excellent product for the $$. Does exactly what it advertises. Would not be without one in my home.

Carex Universal Transfer Bench
Guy Colicelli (Pembroke Pines, US)
Care Return Policy

I ordered two shower bench's to help my wife bathe after having a stroke in February. Unfortunately the two benches did not work for me in any of my three bathrooms. My issue with Carex is with your return policy. Since I had to return the benches at my own cost plus restocking fees it was more to ship them back then the original cost of the two benches. I will never recommend your products .
I ended up giving the two bath benches to Good Will so that someone will benefit from my mistake. Please consider the needy families ordering your products in th future and the stress they are dealing with.
Guy Colicelli

Carex Trio Rolling Walker
Martha Mynes (Charleston, US)

This is my second Carex I am totally happy with this one. My other one was worn out I have told several ladies about it when I have been out several places. ❤️

TENS 7000 TENS Unit Pad Holder
Donna Hamilton (Baltimore, US)
Pad storage

Convenient pad storage that helps pads last longer.

Easy to use plus rechargeable

The TENS 7000 Elite Rechargeable is so easy to use and I love that I only need to recharge the battery about once a week.
Glad I bought this one.

It really helps

I just got my 7000 and used it immediately and got relief. I am sure as I get better at using and determining the optimum settings ,etc it will do even better job. .

Great Device for Pain Control

I received the device yesterday and used it today. It is very powerful. After the first use of 20 minutes, my knee felt so much better. The pain lessened and I was able to move and climb the stairs with more comfort.

Tens 7000

Love it works just like The professional ones have

Pretty Good

I bought this one because I had multiple areas I wanted to try it out on. As far as reducing pain, I think that it's working. I've been using it for 2 weeks. Some of the other reviews mentioned the handle getting hot. It does, but didn't seem that bad to me. The reason for 1 less star is because it's hard to use it on my hand. If I only have one area, then it would probably be better to buy the one just for hands. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase though.

TENS 7000 Rechargeable TENS Unit
Gerald Longhibler (Fenton, US)

The intensity isn't as powerful as I hoped it would be.

Tens Unit

Excellent! Wish I had bought it sooner!

Lousy instructions included with unit.

I haven’t used unit and was not looking forward to given the instructions included with the unit. Extremely small print in light green color and missing many illustrations- none showing the wire color hookup - same color to same color or red to black. Fortunately, I received an email today with a nice, 11 page in color set of instructions.

Bed Buddy Back Wrap
Customer (Detroit, US)

Haven’t used it yet but impressed.

Never got my order

I can’t really review if I never received my package… it’s been 15 days and counting since I placed my order… need a full refund or new replacement package to be sent asap by company

Chronic pain relief

I purchased this to help alleviate chronic pain in my shoulder from bursitis and in my wrist from carpal tunnel syndrome. My results so far have been well worth the price and the time it takes to implement the TENS therapy.
I am looking forward to see how this works over the long run. The daily tips and cheat cheats are a great addition.

Carex Travel Pillow
Peter E. Misner (North Tonawanda, US)
saves your neck!

very well made and comfortable!


Easy to install!!!

Relief of pain

I was visiting family and my knee was very painful so much so I could hardly walk. They let me use their tens7000 and I received relief. After a few days I was able to bend my leg and had very little pain. I noticed a huge difference and brought one myself. It has been a blessing and definitely opened up something in my leg that was causing pain.