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  • TENS 7000

    OTC Approved Professional Strength Pain Relief - Since 2008

A Versatile, OTC Approved, Professional Strength TENS Unit

A Versatile OTC TENS Unit

The TENS 7000™ is a leading over-the-counter tens unit and has been proven effective in providing pain relief. Now you can get the same kind of therapy used by doctors and physical therapists without a prescription. The TENS 7000 offers physician-grade technology that targets even the most painful injuries and chronic conditions with fast and powerful relief!

Choose Your Intensity

Dual channels.   Adjust the intensity to your likeness using the control knobs, sit back, and let TENS 7000 do all the work.

Equipped With 5 Modes

Choose Burst, Constant, Modulation, SD1 and SD2 modes.  No other TENS unit offers as many programs, more options equal increased pain relief.

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