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About TENS Therapy

What Is TENS Therapy?

TENS Therapy(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation therapy) is a drug free and non-invasive treatment method that uses electrical currents to stimulate nerves in order to relieve pain. TENS Therapy is low risk therapy method for reducing pain and is a favorite therapy method among Physical Therapists and Chiropractic professionals.   

To start TENS Therapy, TENS unit pads(called electrodes) are placed on the skin near the area that is causing pain.   The TENS device sends electrical impulses of varying intensity and frequency to treat either chronic or acute pain. TENS Therapy is a great alternative for those who don't wish to use drugs or other addictive pain controlling methods. 

TENS therapy can be used to treat many types of pain, including acute or chronic pain. TENS device therapy can relieve muscle soreness or assist in pain related to child labor.  TENS therapy is a great therapy method to assist with lower and upper back pain or can assist in relieving pain related to an injury. 

TENS therapy provides pain relief through two methods the first of which is referred to as “pain gating”. Electrodes send millions of impulses through the nerve endings into the spinal cord and brain, which effectively block the slower pain impulses from connecting. Pain signals have much smaller nerve diameters when compared to the pleasant impulses which cause them to be overridden by the size and capacity of the signals provided by TENS. This is similar to the body natural instinct to stop pain. When you hit your elbow, you instinctively start rubbing the injured spot. This massage stimulates the nerves and creates pleasurable signals to overwhelm the pain.

Pain is also relieved by the release of hormones such as endorphins, which the body releases in response to an injury or stress. They are composed of a similar chemical structure to Morphine or other pain killing medications, but are completely natural. A TENS unit creates a pulsing rhythm that causes the muscles to “twitch” which allows the release of the endorphin hormone. For example, exercise also releases endorphins, which is why some people experience a “runners high”. This feeling of pleasure is similar to the feelings produced by a TENS unit, which combat pain signals.

TENS therapy is an all natural way to relieve all types of pain for those who want results without using harmful drugs.

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