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Using TENS Therapy for Muscle Pain Relief

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS for short, involves sending a low voltage electrical current from a TENS Unit to the skin. The TENS Unit stimulates nerves to eliminate the sensation of pain. As crazy as this type of pain management sounds, TENS therapy has been proven to work. Studies and clinical trials have found that TENS treatment has had a positive effect on acute pain while being a safe and effective pain relief solution. 

Not only does TENS therapy work for pain relief, but it also works exceptionally well for muscle pain relief specifically. TENS devices can are used for many types of muscle pain, including:

  • Pulled/Strained
  • Sore Muscles
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Herniated disks and swelling
  • Muscle Spasm and Tension
  • And more!

How TENS Therapy Relieves Muscle Pain, Knots, and Tightness

When a specific part of the body is injured, muscles perform a phenomenon called muscle guarding. Muscle guarding occurs when the muscles tighten and swell up to protect the injured body part. Although this is a form of natural protection, it can become an issue if untreated. Muscle tightness and swelling for long periods can result in a lack of blood flow and increase the risk of injury and result in chronic pain and muscle tissue damage.

TENS Units help in this regard. The TENS unit sends electrical pulses to the nerves and performs what's called pain gating. The TENS unit blocks pain signals from getting to the brain, which means you don't feel pain. Because you're not feeling pain, muscle guarding doesn't occur. This creates a reaction in your muscles where they stop swelling, muscle knots reduce, and they relax. This reaction allows blood flow to increase and enables more flexibility in your muscles.

In short, TENS therapy reduces pain, which causes muscles to stop swelling and results in better blood flow, more efficient healing, and better healing experience!

Using a TENS Unit for Muscle Pain Relief

Using a TENS Unit for muscle pain relief is extremely simple.

  1. Place the electrode pads on the muscle that is experiencing pain, knots, or tightness.
  2. Turn your TENS Unit on, keeping it at the lowest level/mode and increasing the frequency/intensity as needed. You'll start feeling your muscles relax as an effective TENS treatment takes place.
  3. Repeat as necessary and combine with other types of pain treatment and pain management to increase the results.

TENS Therapy with Other Pain Treatment Options

The beauty of a TENS unit is the lack of adverse side effects that occur from usage. Some skin irritation such as "mild numbness, tingling, and other paresthesis" can occur from overuse, but this is all very mild. An even more significant advantage is that TENS units work great alongside pain medication, both OTC and prescribed. They can be used with your common aspirin and even stronger medications as well as hot and cold therapy (ice packs), yoga, stretching, and other forms of physical therapy. The low risk of side effects from TENS machines makes them a great candidate for pain relief.



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