TENS Unit Pads

TENS 7000 offers premium over the counter TENS electrodes replacement pads for your TENS unit. Our TENS pads are pre-gelled self-adhesive, thin, and flexible for easy use. They are versatile and work with most TENS units and connect to most lead wires for easy pain management. They work great with our own TENS 7000 2nd edition as well as our TENS 7000 To Go, TENS 3000, Intensity, and other popular TENS devices and EMS devices. TENS 7000 is the go-to electrotherapy brand having established ourselves as the top TENS unit on the market. Not only are you getting high-quality electrode pads, but a name trusted by professionals for pain relief. Unsure about TENS therapy? Read our guide 'TENS Therapy 101' to learn more.

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