Pain is the #1 cause of disability

Affecting more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined.

You Deserve a Pain-Free Life

TENS 7000 can give you that with drug-free and targeted treatment.

Clinical Strength Pain Relief

Use the same therapy used by doctors and physical therapists. 

Personalize Your Treatment

Target your pain with adjustable treatment settings.

Trusted by Millions

TENS 7000 has been around for 10+ years as the favorite TENS unit.

Versatile + Mobile

Get pain relief anywhere with a subtle and lightweight design.

Get the #1 TENS unit trusted by millions.

TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit Kit With Accessories.


Includes the TENS 7000 TENS unit with dual channels, customizable treatment, and belt clip along with:

  • Black carrying case
  • Four starter electrodes
  • Two lead wires
  • One 9V battery
  • User manual
  • And one year warranty.  


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"I don't think you'll find a better value TENS Unit than the TENS 7000. This is a powerful piece of kit, suited to people who are serious about their TENS sessions."

-The Good Body Review

"It has been a God-send. In my opinion, this device is more effective than pain medications and muscle relaxers, and is certainly less toxic to the system."

- Customer Review

"Since trying a few different brands, I'm impressed and love this TENS unit! The unit's options are more than I expected -different massaging modes, rate of massage, and time between the next set of stimulation. My favorite is the timer option because I usually fall asleep without pain keeping me awake. The clip is very sturdy. The intensity dials have a plastic cover -no more accidental intense stimulations! The unit's options also have a cover that protects it well. The cables are sturdy and the price is truly unbeatable with the quality of the product."

- Customer Review

"I am a mountain biker and suffered an injury from my knee landing on a rock. I have had internal scar tissue which has pressed on my patellar tendon for 5 months. Upon using this device, I have become virtually pain free in just 3 days and even the scar tissue has flattened."

- Customer Review

Get a TENS 7000 Pain Relief Kit for $26.98 (10% off with code 'TENS' at checkout)

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