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TENS Therapy for Knee Pain Relief

Considering our knees are by far the most used joint, they tend to experience wear and tear over time. This wear and tear results in common knee problems such as knee arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic knee pain, knee joint pain, and more. Most medical advice for battling knee pain is pain medicine, physical therapy, and even surgery.

A TENS unit helps with knee pain by sending electrical signals to the source of pain to control it. It works with the most common types of knee pain and can help the user regain the range of motion in their knee.

Placement for Pain Relief

When using a TENS unit, it's essential to place the pads directly on the source of the pain. Standard practices place pads on each side of the knee while avoiding the knee cap. Depending on the level of pain, users are advised to use two or four pads at once for treatment.

TENS Therapy for all Levels of Pain

A significant advantage of TENS therapy is the ability to adjust the level or intensity of treatment. TENS units have options to increase the level of shock and how often those shocks are sent to the body. TENS Units are great for those experiencing varying degrees of pain with multiple different types of arthritis and other discomforts. We recommend starting at a low level of treatment and upping it as needed.



About TENS 7000

Pain sucks. It affects millions of people each year with adverse physical and mental side effects. TENS 7000 provides tools to combat pain and let people live life on their terms, pain-free. Our TENS 7000 TENS Unit is one of the top-rated over the counter TENS unit having sold over a million since 2008. Stop letting aches and pain hold you back — live life on your terms. 

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